Made In The USA // Buffalo, NY // EST. 2017
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14-20 OG//SF Grom Titanium/ Stainless Sidewinder Exhaust


Brand New is the 14-21 OG//SF Honda Grom HandMade Stainless Sidewinder Exhaust System.

Each system is handmade in Buffalo NY one at a time.
No two are ever the exact same.
Being Handmade there may be a small imperfection here and there.
These will only be sold in very very small quantities.

This system specific Starts off With a 1 1/4 Hand ported Inlet Flange and steps up twice before the muffler. The Muffler Is Fully Rebuildable with top Quality stainless steel wool that is rated for thousands of miles under normal conditions. The muffler is able to separate via a welded round stop on the muffler and can be repacked if needed. The header includes a M18x1.5 Exhaust Bung Thats setup perfectly and inconspicously for your favorite tuning sensor. This exhaust rear bracket features my new flexmount system that substantially reduces engine vibrates under all operating conditions.