Made In The USA // Buffalo, NY // EST. 2017

FuelTech Grom Harness


A FuelTech FT450 engine management system easily replaces the factory Honda Grom ECU thanks to an easy to install FuelTech PNP Harness. The PNP Harness requires a slight modification* to work with the factory wiring.

This harness/ECU combo is ideal for projects with fuel-type change including ethanol, methanol and nitromethane along with full power adder control for nitrous, turbo, or supercharged engines. It is also recommended with engine upgrades like increased compression ratio, larger pistons, and stroker crankshaft.

Product intended for off road race-only, ground vehicle use only. DBLLC is not responsible for any misuse of these products. Check with your local authorities regarding highway laws in your area.


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